Certified ISO 9001-2015/ ISO 14001 2015/ ISO 45001 2018

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is a Mono block?

    The mono block simply means that the block and cylinder head are cast as one eliminating the need for a head gasket, providing a very rigid assembly with exceptional cooling capability.

  • What are the service intervals?

    STEYR Motors SE diesel engines have a service interval of 300 hours or 12 monthly whichever occurs first. STEYR Motors MO engines have an interval of 150 hours or 12 monthly whichever occurs first.

  • How long is STEYR Motors warranty?

    The duration and conditions of your warranty will vary depending on the product you have brought. In the case of STEYR MOTORS Engines, the warranty period is 2 year or 1000 hour extensive warranty, but some special conditions do apply so check your warranty handbook or speak with one of…

  • Why purchase STEYR Motors products?

    The entire STEYR MOTORS range are 100% commercially rated due to the fact all the engines are purpose built marine engines and not marinised automotive engines. Further, they have the best power to weight ratio on the market featuring a unique 2-stage unit injector unique Monoblock construction.

  • Are the STEYR Motors engines SOLAS rated (Safety of Life at Sea)?

    STEYR MOTORS engines are built to SOLAS standard and can be ordered as SOLAS compliance.

  • What is an ECU?

    ECU stands for Engine Control Unit and is actually the interface that monitors the engine parameters and regulates the amount of injected fuel accordingly. The ECU contains software that is part of the engine diagnostics system. This system uses the same parameters to detect any malfunctions.

  • Is the STEYR MOTORS engine fresh water cooled?

    STEYR Motors engines run a closed fresh water cooling system to cool the engine, sea water is then used to remove the heat from the water via a heat exchanger.

  • Can I use different fuels?

    STEYR MOTORS has the unique capability of its engine range to run on B100 fuel. In simple terms, STEYR MOTORS engines are capable of running on 100% Bio Diesel that is made to Australian Standards (Bio Diesel Standard 2003). The STEYR MOTORS unique mechanical two stage unit injector, which has…

  • Where is my nearest authorised dealer?

    To find your nearest dealer please consult this website on the homepage under Dealers

  • Where are our products manufactured?

    STEYR MOTORS is an Austrian manufacturer based in STEYR, Austria, and has a manufacturing capability of 12,000 engines per year. STEYR MOTORS prides itself on developing smart emission technology so as to help protect the environment and continue to conform to emission regulations BSOII and SAV2.

  • Which CAN Bus protocol does STEYR Motors use?

    STEYR Motors uses the J-1939 protocol from which NMEA-2000 is derived, both protocols cannot be used interchangeably.

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