About Our Company

With a combined experience of over 30 years in the commercial sector and 25 years as a STEYR Motors distributor, our company is equipped to meet your needs. Our dynamic team of professionals prioritizes the customer and aims to provide tailored engineering power solutions. We are a family owned company that strives to maintain our personal investment in our products and services to meet customer needs. We specialize in compact, lightweight power systems with low vibration and multi-fuel capabilities, demonstrated through a diverse portfolio of applications. Let STEYR Motors provide a solution for you

What We Do

Our goal is to offer imaginative engine packages that cater to the customer and market needs, while prioritizing adaptability and ecological responsibility.

Our Approach

A strong customer focus combined with in depth technical expertise to deliver comprehensive end -to- end solutions.
Our company strives to comprehend each customer's issue or specific requirement and suggest the optimal product, not just pursue a sale. Building long-lasting, positive relationships with our customers is a priority. We are dedicated to offering you the most comprehensive information regarding our products and the ultimate solution.
Working since 1997

We are leaders
in engine solutions

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